Probably you have already heard someone calling Zanzibar ”Island of spices”. This name is not hiding any surprises. It is a place full of completely different smells and aromas.

blog 1dIn Zanzibar you can find bunch of Spice Farms where you can see all of the plants and herbs the island has to offer. Pepper, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg are only few of of generally known spices that we will see on the island in the absolutely natural form.

The local guide will point you the places and explain how the seeds and herbs turn out to be one of your favorite addings while cooking. You can take pictures, record movies, ask questions and what the most important- you can try most of the fruits and herbs.  Without a single doubt it is an amazing lesson not only for people interested in culinary art, but also for those who wants to spend time on this exotic island in the most productive way. Additionally, it is a great opportunity to buy local natural herbs, spices, tea, coffee and even soaps.

Local man will climb a tall coconut tree just to get a fresh coconut and let you taste it’s fresh juice and delicious flesh. It’s a perfect trip for every curious person no matter of your cooking skills!




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