First thing that come across your mind when you hear Prison Island is a huge, gloomy building. I have a good news for you! Although the story says that it was used as a prison for rebellious slaves, no prisoners were ever housed there. There was a risk of disease epidemics in Stone Town so the island became a quarantine place. In 1923 they even rename the place on Quarantine Island. One day, British governor of Sychelles sent giant tortoises as a gift. They reproduced quickly and after some years there was 200 tortoises inhabiting the area.

If you decide to visit Prison Island nowadays you will not only see some infrastructure for animals but also holiday cottages, swimming pool, library and tennis court. How many times in your life did you make selfi with giant tortoise or fed some from the hand? It’s one of the best things in your life and for sure it’s worth 4$ that costs the entry to this amazing place.

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