As soon as you decide to visit Zanzibar Queen Hotel for sure there will be some questions that come up in your mind. We love our guests so we would like to give you all usefull informations.
What currency should I bring? You can take Tanzanian shilling (TSH) or US dollar, but keep in mind that dollar bills from before 2006 are not accepted for exchange anywhere. What is important, Tanzania has local prices and tourist prices.

Should I take medications for malaria? It is not compulsory but we believe that this is an individual decision.
Do I have to get vaccinated? There are no compulsory vaccination.
Do I need a visa? Traveler is required to possess a tourist visa. You can buy it at the airport for 50$. Such visa is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.
What language do they speak in Zanzibar? Zanzibaris speak Swahili (known locally as Kiswahili) but English is also widely spoken.
What weather should I expect on the island? Zanzibar presents perfect holiday weather for most of the year. The exception can be May when you can actually expect rains. Short rains can also occur in November, but they are very short.
What religion they profess? You can find Muslims, Christians and pagans. You should respect Muslims and their tradition (e.g. don’t wear short skirt in Stone Town and don’t go inside mosque).
Can drink water from the tap? You shouldn’t drink it. In every room of our hotel you will always find a bottle of mineral water.
How to defend against mosquitoes? Every room of Zanzibar Queen Hotel is equipped with air conditioning and a mosquito net.
Is my insurance valid there? Foreign health insurance or motor policies are not honored.
Where can I find ATMs? The only ATMs are located in the Stone Town.
Should I pay by card or cash? It’s better to pay in cash as normally they will charge you 5% for paying by credit card.

Keep in mind that not everywhere you can pay by credit card (only in some restaurants and hotels).
Do I need a separate visa to Zanzibar if I have Tanzanian one? You don’t need another visa to travel to Zanzibar but remember to have a passport to get in.

  • AnnTheTraveller

    I think I found the answers for all of my questions 🙂 Thanks! Can’t wait to visit your hotel on this beautiful island!