Looking for your little slice of paradise? With its remarkable coral lagoon, palms and unspoiled white sand beach, Matemwe, located on the north-east of Zanzibar’s largest island – Unguja, is an excellent choice. Matemwe beach is the longest one in Zanzibar with equally long list of different activities to choose from.

It tends to be boiling hot in the morning, so it is best to start your day cooling down near the crystal clear ocean. Average water temperature in Matemwe is around 20 Celsius degrees, so it is perfect for swimming.

Just 2km from the shore lies Mnemba Island surrounded by unbelievably beautiful coral reefs, which makes it ideal for diving and snorkeling. You will be able to find vividly coloured fish species including trumpetfishes, giant trevallies or anthiases.

There are five species of sea turtles that occur in Zanzibar’s waters, green turtles are the most common there. If you are looking for some extra cuteness, their hatching season happens between September and October. Every time a turtle lays eggs, staff at Mnemba Island mark the spot so when the time has come, guests are able to watch baby turtles making their way to the ocean.

You can also go sailing or fishing on one of the traditional boats, either on a double-outrigger canoe called ngalawa or on a dhow – a sailing vessel.

Another attraction is the Maasai dance, often called „the jumping dance” by visitors. Warriors from the tribe gather in a circle and start competitive jumping. What’s more, they need to maintain a narrow posture and never let their heels touch the ground.

Seems impossible to do? Watch the video of the Maasai traditional dance!

  • Luke

    the videos are super cool! make me wanna go diving right now 🙂

  • Christo

    There’s something magical about sunsetting on Matemwe beach… definitely one of the most beautiful place on Earth!